Programmatic advertising solution that will exceed your expectations


Unique audience data from our publishers & ecommerce


Monthly ad impression served

What makes us different


First-party data

First-party data with 70+ Mio monthly unique audiences, enriched by strong intent data and credible 3rd party data



Wide range of audience segments with multiple ad formats that keeps on growing as we onboard more publishers



Get a brand-safe and bot-free programmatic environment, integrated with 3rd party verification and measurement



Facilitated by industry-leading platforms and experienced professional team to give you unparalleled efficiency



Buy desired inventories and audience segments transparently through programmatic Private Marketplace

In order to make a programmatic successful, you need to see the big picture

Our professionals will provide you with an all-encompassing campaign and programmatic strategy based on the digital ecosystem, with a focus sharply at the competitive landscape and audience profile.


Providing the thinking and plans to achieve your campaign KPIs


Creating superior outcomes that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise


Hassle-free campaign execution against any set KPI


Agile in adjustment required per campaign basis

Our core product ecosystem

GDP Network leverages high-quality 1st party data and enriches it with 3rd party data from industry-leading data providers

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Trusted by leading brands & agencies

We’re excited to help you provide meaningful growth for your business.