The right way to reach the right audience

We provide you with integrated data services to help you achieve greater cost transparency by designing audience-targeted data and provide you with campaign profile reports.
We deliver programmatic services that help marketers to drive value from your media spends and build an advertising ecosystem that you can trust with exceptional experiences and total transparency

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Audience Reach & Precision

GDP Network audience segments can be tailor-made to any campaign objectives in meeting advertiser’s target reach and precision

Audience Segments

Unlock more data opportunities by leveraging our high-quality 1st party data then enriches it with 3rd party data from industry-leading data providers

Online Shoppers

Audience who are immersed in online shopping behaviour as the primary way to procure their daily need

The Homemakers

The “Chief Operating Officer” of the households who takes care of the family and kids mental and physical well being by providing healthy food and concerning childcare and parenting tips.

Fashion & Beauty

Audience who Interest in content ranging from beauty tips, cosmetics, apparel, hair and fashion trends

The Health Nut

Audience with health being in their top of mind. They usually look for information about physical exercise as well as healthy and nutritious meal plan

The Movie & TV Streamers

This type of people kill time by streaming movies and TV series, especially during their free time. They pay detailed attention to film cinematography and acting, and take film reviews seriously.

Muslim Groomers

Someone who is interested in current Muslim fashion trend especially hijabs, also concerned on Halal Ingredients cosmetic product


Audience who diligently follow information about eSports games, league, teams, and supporting devices, as a fan or an avid player.


Interest in content related to business, finance, and the economy


Content related to news, reviews and tips for cars and motorbikes

Computer & Technology

Audience with interest in news, trends, and developments in consumer electronics and technology

Arts & Literature

Audience with interest in fine arts, book, and/or literature, be it as a hobby or as professionals

Custom Segment

Define your own niche audience based on their interest and behavior

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